How Greg Owen Made $5,000 More in 2012 with Silver Quarters

silver quartersThe typical cashier job really doesn’t pay that much compared to many other jobs and careers available to people with college educations with skills and experience; however, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make more than you expected. That’s what Greg Owen of Austin, Texas thought of his teller job at Bank of America. Every day, he handles tens of thousands of dollars in cash depositing into and withdrawing out of customer accounts. Read more »

Ever Considered A Career As A Flight Attendant?

shutterstock_102627620_250x234There are, generally speaking, two kinds of people in society. On the one hand, you have those who pursue financial security, a stable career and a rich home life; on the other, you have those who prefer, in different measures, to forsake these things for a life of adventure and travel. It’s very common to view lifestyle choices through this lens.

What many people don’t realize is that it’s easier to choose a career that combines both of these seemingly different pursuits. Read more »

Switching to Electronic Cigarettes Will Save You Money

When you want to save money, you usually start big: ‘I won’t buy that car’ or ‘we’ll sell the house’. Yet, all the good savings are down the bottom: what you eat, where you shop; luxuries like TV packages and who mows your lawn. Smoking is an expensive addiction. Cutting it out now will save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

I mean the cost of smoking 20 a day at $6 dollars for 10 years is around $20, 000. That number is just the low ball, the calculation doesn’t include tax hikes, inflation and greater company costs. I got it from this calculator, but I only calculated for one person. Imagine the costs if you smoke, your daughter or son smoke and your spouse smokes. The costs would be astronomical! So, there are some serious savings to be had.
You can plough the savings into your kids’ college education, a bad insurance day, refurbishing the house or a new car. It just doesn’t make sense to continue smoking.

We all know it’s not as easy as: present the facts and the behavior will change – parenting and climate change would be much easier if they were. To quit smoking is the same problem.

If you’re struggling to quit smoking you can switch to E-cigarettes. These are far cheaper than regular cigarettes and most electronic cigarettes are rechargeable and re-fillable. So, you can use the same product over and over again. They also have a variety of flavors (who said giving up couldn’t be fun).

Websites like provide you with the necessary information to make the switch to e-cigs without all the added leg-work of researching the product – they do that for you. There are a lot of brands out there with many different features such as battery life, e-liquid capacity, flavor selection and colors. Checking out websites like this will really help make that decision.

If I haven’t convinced you yet, think of it like this: eating healthy will reduce the chance of a doctor’s appointment later in life for diabetes or the need for medical attention to treat a stroke. Smoking is just like this- it leads to heart attacks, cancer, poor circulation, repertory diseases and other terrible things. Apart from being just good to be healthy- being healthy is also cheaper. Think of it as a future investment, don’t smoke cigarettes now and reap the rewards in the future!

You want to pass on good practice as well, children who see their parents smoking are twice as likely to start smoking themselves. You don’t want to inflict that upon your children as your only heritage!
Making the switch saved me financially, because it meant every month I had at least another $80. I also couldn’t bear to allow my kids to see me smoke cigarettes – yes, I still hide the e-cig from them. Saving money and looking after my children have been my top priorities ever since their conception. So, if you think this will save your life and your money but you can’t cut out the cigarettes altogether, check out all the different electronic cigarette brands and make a decision today.

Pursuing a Career as a Financial Advisor

The playing field of businesses is now entirely different thanks to the Internet. Changes in trends and practices mean a change in financial management. Businesses are forced to create financial plans that are geared towards maximizing Internet as an asset. Recent global economic crisis also warns entrepreneurs of carefully planning out financial decisions. Competitive financial advisors are becoming more in demand than ever.

Financial advisors give recommendations to clients on the best ways to spend and invest their money. They may be general practitioners who advise on all sorts of financial matters like home loans, business loans, savings plans, and insurance.

So what are the steps to become a financial advisor?

1. Get a degree. All financial advisors should have a bachelor’s degree. This can be any degree, but you’ll have a leg up if you’ll take courses related to business administration or accountancy.

2. Get working experience. You can seek internships or entry-level jobs that will give you information on the ins and outs of the job. Experience can also tell you if financial advising is really for you. It can also give you ideas on various career paths that financial advisors can take. You can start with a small start-up business to be exposed to financial deals involved with business. Or you can work in a bank to get a background on handling financial affairs of various types of clients.

3. Get certified. High-paying clients seek advisors who are professional and qualified. One of the highest regarded certification for financial advisors is the Certificate in Financial Planning (CFP). To get this certificate, you need a bachelor’s degree and at least three years of work experience. You have to take preparatory courses at an accredited university. You then need to pass a two-day exam that assesses your technical knowledge.

4. Build your client portfolio. High-profile clients won’t find you; you have to find them. You can build your track record by working for smaller clients at first and providing excellent service to them. Your career will grow mostly through referrals, so you have to be excellent and effective in all projects. Slowly but surely climb your way up by working hard and persevering. 

Embarking on the Adventure of a Lifetime

Do one thing everyday that scares you. If you believe in this saying then you wouldn’t be living life inside a cubicle for more than eight hours a day. But yes, it is truly difficult to strike a balance between making a life and earning a living, especially if you’re struggling to keep your head above water. I wanted a life much different from what I grew up with, so I made sure that I counted my pennies and had more savings in the bank at a young age.

I didn’t want to work on just a retirement fund, I wanted a trust fund for my children and a nice extra large nest egg to start my own business in a few years. I wanted a secure future and I wanted to be financially stable, and that meant working very long hours and even weekends.
There’s such a thing as career burn out, and I think this was what I was going through. Fortunately, my wife was there to catch me before I went over the edge. She said I needed a break from what I was doing in order to recharge my batteries.

So I agreed. It took a lot of convincing before I shelled out money to pay for our adventure world package, but while we were enjoying our trip, I realized it was all worth it. We went on a beautiful island adventure and I must admit that the change of scenery was exactly what I needed. We went snorkeling, diving, island hopping and even parasailing and sky diving! It was a far cry from our super-budgeted honeymoon when we got married years ago. Now that there’s a little more money to spend, we were able to indulge on good wine with our dinner and I gifted my wife with beautiful South Sea pearls.

I saw tears of joy in her eyes when I handed her the pearls and I too came close to shedding tears. There are some things that are worth spending for in life, and moments like this is certainly one of them.

Start Your Business All Over Again with the Help of Used Cargo Containers

When you have failed your business, it is really difficult to stand up and start all over again. Not only did you lose money, but you have also placed efforts into something that has ended up in failure. Also, the thought of failing is just difficult to bear. However, if you want to move positively forward, then you have to pick yourself up and find ways to move on with hope.

If you wish to get back on your feet, then learn from your mistakes and start a different business. This time, you might succeed already. It is just a matter of finding the right business that is in your wheelhouse and the right steps to begin the entire endeavor. For instance, you might have failed before because you have spent a lot for operational expenses. You might have rented a huge office space that you can’t afford. You might have hired lots of employees who are not all serving their purpose. Thus, to solve the problem, you need to begin with a good office space. This is where used cargo containers enter the picture.

A Practical Office Space

There are a lot of used cargo containers out there that can be bought for only $1,000 or more. All you need to do is to transform these containers into a working office space. This might sound crazy, but it is possible. In fact, there are lots of other companies that have cargo containers as offices. They were just creative enough to transform what is seemingly a waste into something for the business. To begin with, you already have a structure for only $1,000. It is several times lower than building an actual office or renting in a commercial establishment.

Beginning the Transformation

When you have bought your used containers, the next thing to do is to start decorating them. You need to determine first how many employees will use the office and what items you need to be placed inside. By then, you can estimate the size of the furniture to throw in and the number of tables and chairs needed. You can also decide on the amount of space that you will allot per person. Of course, you should not forget your potential clients and guests visiting your office. You can play with lighting and other designs as well. You can even break a part of the container and replace it with glass wall. As long as you have enough space to work on, you can do whatever you want with the design.

A Fresh Start

Now that you already have an office at a very minimal initial cost, then you will not mess up your expenses anymore. Just learn from your previous mistakes and be able to handle your finances this time. Hopefully, you are off to a great start and be able to soar even higher this time around.

When you want to find out the best containers for sale, go here. If you wish to know more about shipping container costs, visit .

Reasons Why Schools Need Portable Toilets

The number of toilets present in schools depends on the size of the campus and the number of students enrolled. Usually, the toilets are located in each floor. Though this would already suffice, the truth is that portable toilets should also be present. This is true especially for huge schools. Here are some of the reasons why portable toilets are a must in schools:

• Not all activities are done within the campus buildings. Some activities are done in an open field or in areas that are quite far from the toilets. Thus, students have to hold their pee until the activities are over. Obviously, this is not healthy for them. Thus, they need a portable toilet where they can go right away when needed.

• There are some schools that have increased population, but the facilities remain the same. Therefore, the issue on crowded toilets is not given emphasis. This is why it is very important to have portable toilets while a new building is being constructed or a solution to overcrowding is still being solved.

• During school camps or other night activities, it is better for students to use portable toilets rather than go back to the buildings alone
since it is totally unsafe. As long as the toilets are in strategic location, then there is nothing to worry about.

• Portable toilets are easy to maintain. Therefore, even if the school has limited cleaning staff, it is not a big deal.

The number of portable toilets needed depends on the needs of the students and the size of the campus. It can be for permanent use or just temporary until the required toilets are already in place. The good thing is that these portable toilets can either be rented or bought.

In the end, this project will surely benefit the students. Parents will also support this type of project as it will be of great help to their kids, especially those who have issues with urinating in school toilets due to their location or the number of students using them. If you wish to start searching for portable toilet rentals, you can go here.

How to Go About Planning Your Career

It is said that the choices we make today shape our tomorrow. This adage is not new and a lot of us may have experience its truth in one way or another. Too often, we make decisions without considering the results, and at the end of the day we suffer its consequences. It is in this light that we appreciate the conscious effort of sitting down and planning out our career for the future.

Career planning is a complex yet very important task. There are so many career opportunities available out there. It is very easy to lose or way if we do not have a concrete plan of what career path to take. But how do we go about planning our career?

I came up with the idea for this post after having dinner with a good friend last night. He’s just gone into business for himself and is looking to expand by renting some office space. When he started telling me about the steps he’s going through to find the perfect location it reminded me a lot of the advice I give to people looking for their own perfect career path.

Here is a closer look at the things you need to seriously consider when choosing a career path:

Start with Self-Assessment

A most common mistake people make when choosing career paths is thinking about what they want to do in the future. The problem with this is that what you want to do is not always in-line with what you can do.

Be realistic. Take a close look at yourself. When choosing a career path, you need to know who you are. What are the things that motivate and drive you? Where do your skills and talents lean to?

Push Through with Education

Education and trainings are among the most important job requirements. These two, most often largely dictate whether you are qualified for the position or not. In planning your career, you need to flag these two as priorities. Build yourself. Get equipped. Pick up new skills.

You also need to consider whether to take up a bachelor’s degree, or just vocational and technical courses. Remember that your decision in this matter can greatly affect how far you can go with your career choice. A bachelor’s degree can put you in good positions but vocational and technical courses can land you the job earlier. Weigh your options carefully.

Planning your career is a lot like picking office space.   You need to look beyond what is beautiful and start looking at the ones that would best fit its purpose. Don’t go chasing a career path that is very far off from your skills and capabilities. Go for the ones where you can be very effective. And if you do ever need to rent office space, my friend had great success finding the perfect Chicago office space from

Dermatologist: Job Description, Educational Requirements, and Salary

Dermatologists are those we run to when we have a stubborn acne breakout, a fungal overgrowth, or disgusting burns. They know what cream to get or what surgeries are needed for specific skin conditions. Being a dermatologist is a lucrative career especially in light of the increase of interest of consumers in skin improvement procedures. Read on to find out more about the job description, specializations, and salary of a dermatologist.

Job Description

Dermatologists treat various conditions and diseases of the skin, nails, and hair. This includes acne, fungal infections, warts, eczema, psoriasis, and skin cancer. The dermatologist diagnoses the condition by taking blood or skin tissue samples and examining it under a microscope. It can also be analyzed using chemical and biological tests. Once the condition is properly diagnosed, the dermatologist recommends treatments like medication, surgery, and radiotherapy. Dermatologists can also perform cosmetic surgeries; in this case they are called cosmetic dermatologists. They can perform surgeries like breast augmentation, brow lift, nose lift, and others. For example, dermatologists in Brisbane perform Botox to make patients look younger. Dermatologists in Calgary also perform cosmetic procedures like face lifts and chemical peels.

Educational Requirements

To be a dermatologist, you have to attend medical school after getting a 4-year bachelor’s degree with pre-medical subjects like biology, physics, and chemistry. Medical school takes about 4 years, so that’s 8 years already. Admission to medical schools is highly competitive, and you’ll largely benefit with a high undergraduate GPA. Then you have to first pass the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) to enter a medical school. You’ll study subjects like microbiology, pathology, physiology, and pharmacology in medical school.

Graduates of medical school have to take a one-year internship in either internal or surgery medicine. This is followed by three years of practical residency. After this, dermatologists can choose to pursue more training in specialized fields like laser medicine, phototherapy, cosmetic surgery, immunodermatology, and others. After all these trainings, you have to pass the United States Medical Licensing Examination or the Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Licensing Examination administered by the American Board of Dermatology (ABD). Certified dermatologists re-take the examination every ten years.


All of the hard works are eventually paid off by the hefty salary of this profession. Dermatologists earn around $302,000 every year. This translates to about $145 per hour. However, this depends on the number of years of practice. Those who have twenty years or more of experience can have as high as $400,000 annual salary. But even those in the lowest 10th percentile can earn around $220,000. This equates to $106 per hour. That sum is still quite impressive. Those in the middle curve earn $258,000 to $355,000 annually. This is $124 and $171 an hour, respectively.

Many factors also influence the salary of a dermatologist. Included here is the geographical location. For example, in the United States, prairie states and states in the West like Arizona and California pay dermatologists higher salaries. This can be because of the high demand for dermatologists in these states due to the adverse effects of the weather on people’s skin. Keep in mind that dermatologists also get benefits like social security, health care, paid time off, pension, and others. 

The Makings of a Successful Professional

If like me, you want to rise out of mediocrity and have the things that you want in life, you would need to have a good education. It does not matter whether you went to community college, whether you got a scholarship or you bartended your way to graduation. All that matters is that you persevered and you made it to the end.

In all honesty, those who struggled in life and still managed to achieve their goals are the ones who will also succeed as professionals. The drive is there, the determination and focus is there; they just need to follow through and have the confidence to see themselves as someone bigger and in control.

How do you become a successful professional? Plan your career. Setting goals is the fist step when it comes to career planning. If you’re a lawyer, you can aim to become partner after five years. If you’re an accountant, aim to become a manager in the next two and then work your way towards achieving that one day at a time.

Do You Have What it Takes? Ask yourself if you have what it takes to cut it. The competition in ascending the corporate ladder is nothing but fierce. If you’re half hearted you will ultimately fall behind. In my experience, I have learned that you would need three things to become a successful professional.

  1. Knowledge and Skill – these you get from education, training and practice. It doesn’t matter if it took you six years to get your degree. It’s yours and only you can decide how to best use everything that you have learned.
  2. Heart – can also be kindness and compassion. This is where the sincere desire to serve or work comes from. Contrary to what people may say, you don’t have to become a shark in order to get ahead. You need to maintain the kindness inside you and work with the people around you with your heart first rather than just thinking about the money. At the end of the day, the financial rewards will come when you truly and sincerely love your job.
  3. Confidence – this one can be a little tough especially if you came from a poor or underprivileged background. For men, it’s feeling that they’re not good enough. For some women, they are ashamed of what they were and how they look. Having the confidence to succeed in life does not come easy simply because all of us have our own insecurities.

If you have crooked teeth, by all means get dental surgery or teeth whitening procedures. For men, it’s about fixing their problem of thinning hair or removing their pot belly. If you’re a woman and you’re not confident because you’re flat chested, you can always inquire here and get a breast augmentation in Scottsdale. Alternatively, if you’re in Texas if you’re interested, there are places in Austin where you can get a breast enlargement as well. It could be a hundred different things, but the point is: do what you want and do what makes you feel good about yourself.

Starting your career with these three traits will get you a long way. Just remember to keep your eyes set on the goal, to always be kind and to never doubt yourself.

Planning a Career as an Attorney

The practice of law in this day and age has become more diverse than ever. Aside from lawyers who practice criminal law during trials, there are also lawyers handling civil law suits. There are also corporate lawyers and tax lawyers who defend their clients against charges of tax evasion and other money-related matters.
For a law student, life starts pretty much the same as everyone else. You take up general subjects and courses which cover a range of these topics. The first few semesters will have you going through pleadings and court decisions on landmark cases. The point here will be to study about the decisions made on these cases and why the judges ruled for or against the accused.
More than anything, reading is an important part of a law student’s life. There are pleadings and counter arguments that must be reviewed and debates to prepare for. Law professors encourage critical thinking and challenge their students to question decisions and examine pieces of evidence. It will be common practice to cross examine your classmates pretending that you are at the witness stand.
It takes a lot of hard work and money to finish a law degree. Raising the money to finish law school is no joke. Consider yourself extremely luck if your parents offered to pay for your Ivy league education; but if not, prepare to work one or two jobs while juggling class and homework. It’s tough, but it always pays off in the end.
If you want to start a lucrative law career, places such as Tulsa, Oklahoma have a high demand for family lawyers as child custody cases are increasing. Sure, it may not be as glamorous as criminal law or as fulfilling as Civil and Employment law, but you’ll be able to gain a lot of experience when it comes to family-related law suits. You will also be handling divorce and divorce settlement cases here.

Family law can certainly be an interesting path to take if you’re serious about pursuing a career in law.

The Dangers of Being Your Own Boss – Employee Theft

I come from a family that has had its fair share of good times and bad. That didn’t have to be the case, had there been a little financial sense on the behalf of my dear parents. But, that whole set of circumstances just made me realize that there is no sure thing in life and that I had to rely on myself and my own hard work if I was to get anywhere in life. The learning experience was far from pleasant but I’m glad because it has made me somewhat tougher. And wiser because I’ve learned the value of money and how easily it can come, and go.

There was one thing I’ve always had my sights on and that thing was a college degree. Somewhere in my mind I knew, no matter what happens, I would have my degree and my knowledge and that would be something I could rely on. And it turned out to be true.

I was lucky enough to find a job after college. I worked hard and after a while I saved up enough money to start a company of my own that pretty much did the same kind of work that my old company did. This time, however, I would be the boss. Each new beginning is hard, and this one was no exception. I hired a few people that would work for me and with me. But, what bothered me was the fact that that beginning seemed to last for a long time and there were very few benefits I could reap even though I was working harder than ever.

Something’s Not Right

Clearly, something was wrong. I suspected one of my employees might have been stealing from me. I spent days thinking on how I could approach this problem, I had a good idea what was happening but need a way to gather some evidence – if only for my own peace of mind. I had looked at installing hidden cameras in the office but that was going to raise suspicions. I decided to monitor my employee’s work cell phone using spy software.

I had no clue what I was doing but some online research had me up and running. First I need a spy software product that was affordable, easy to use and well hidden. The Reflex Software website had some great spy software reviews including some products you might have heard of – Mobile Spy and StealthGenie. Another great resource I found was a site called – they have some great guides about installing and using the software. I must admit I was a bit skeptical about this working but I was desperate.

Since I was doing all the heavy lifting and the financial results were nowhere to be found, it had to be one of the people that worked in my company. And once again, I was right and it was the only time I wasn’t glad I was. It took less than a week to intercept emails to clients doing deals behind my back. The employee was stealing my customers whilst I was paying him a salary on top! Needless to say, I confronted the person who was stealing from my firm’s account and told them I had evidence of what they had done. They left quietly.

I hired another more qualified employee and things took off from there. My company was finally posting some considerable profit and in less than a year, I had enough money to invest and to expand the company.

Most people, when it comes to theft, share the same attitude. It’s the kind of thing that happens to other people and not them. Luckily, life has taught me a thing or two and I was able to avoid the mistakes my parents made before me. But, when it comes to your own company and your own money, you need to be careful otherwise it might cost you a lot.

Tips for Managing a Career and Domestic Responsibilities

For men and women alike, the need to balance the act of a flourishing career and looking after domestic responsibilities is extremely vital for a stable lifestyle. Those who are driven by the passion of a successful career, have to cope up with several challenges such as working harder and giving above average performance to stand out and succeed. This requires greater time invested at work, which results into domestic duties being compromised, leading to an unorganized house, pending chores and an unhealthy diet. Here are a few tips for managing a career and domestic responsibilities together without compromising on either one. 

Create a Weekly Planner
Not many people can afford to hire help, therefore, managing home chores and important work related deadlines by sticking to a weekly planner is well worth the effort. A weekly planner chops down all the major and minor tasks, according to its level of urgency and importance. It even helps in remembering and completing chores without forgetting them repeatedly, such as making the call to the plumber for fixing faucets, working on the laundry, cleaning the house and writing letters split into different days. The same way, getting down to sending a goodwill email to a client, visiting a client's office, posting a follow up letter and working over-time on one day can be managed resulting in working extra and efficiently. 

Prepare Meals in Advance
People tend to compromise their health the most in the quest to establish a career and juggle house chores. The quick and easy option is to grab a burger, sandwich, chips or other junk food. Preparing organic food, that is healthy and nutritious seems too much to handle. One of the best solutions to this is to dehydrate organic vegetables and fruits so that it can be used as snacks. It can also be used in preparing meals in advance and storing them for two to three days and having a stock of nutritious food. To ensure that you buy a food dehydrator that is safe, reliable and long lasting, check out food dehydrator reviews here. If you have experience with using dehydrators, then you may want to check out Excalibur dehydrator review here. They have a good reputation in the industry.

Manage Work from Home
On one or two days of the week, try to manage work from home duties. If your job allows you to work from a different place, then it cannot get better than working from home. In this manner, one can easily multitask and complete many domestic responsibilities on those one or two days at home. For instance, if the washing machine or dishwasher needs to be set up, then one can set the machines and get down to work. Or, if you have kids, then taking them to the park and working on the laptop is another alternative. Looking for flexible working hours and options can make the process of  keeping your household organized and more manageable. Some tricks and ideas for easily getting past household tasks in lesser time, more efficiency and reduced costs can be seen at Household Management 101

Can Multilevel Marketing Be A Career Choice Or Is It Just A Bad Choice?

Some of the biggest companies in the world market their products through multilevel marketing. Multilevel marketing is a marketing method which allows a large company that markets worldwide to market its products without the need for advertising or employing a salesforce.

Let’s look at how multilevel marketing works and then consider whether or not it’s a great idea for a career. We have decided to consider this today following the experience of a friend who joined an MLM company that manufactures and sells nutritional supplements, including fish oil supplements and others, and has related his recent experience to us.

Multilevel marketing is a marketing method that focuses on getting private individuals to sell to other private individuals face to face, as well as to recruit those people to do the same.

Multilevel marketing can sometimes be called MLM or network marketing and can even be called pyramid selling, though strictly speaking pyramid selling is different. In most jurisdictions pyramid selling is illegal and multilevel marketing does not classify as pyramid selling. It’s perfectly legal.

However it certainly shares some characteristics with pyramid selling.

When an individual joins as a distributor for a multilevel marketing company they earn their income in two ways. The first of these ways is to sell the products to other people. So obviously you need to have some method of selling products to other private individuals.

However in most cases the bulk of the income earned by anyone is through recruiting other people to sell the products and training them in ways to do so.

So your income is twofold. You get a certain percentage of the sale when you sell a product, and if you recruit another person to sell the products as well, and train them to do so, you also get a smaller percentage of what they sell. And if they recruit someone, and train them to sell products, you also get a smaller percentage of that.

And so it goes on. You can see why it’s considered to be similar to pyramid selling, because the person at the top, namely you, needs to establish an entire network, or what is technically called a “downline” of other people selling a product before you are likely to do well.

To many people this seems like a good idea, and for this reason tens of thousands of people join a multilevel marketing network every year.

However the reality is for most people that they do not earn any money and will eventually give up trying to earn an income through MLM, though often continue to use the products because they like the products.

For this reason, because of the churn rate, in other words number of people who drop out, anyone who wishes to do well at multilevel marketing must recruit and train an enormous number of other people to sell the products because the vast majority of those people will eventually fail. Only a small number will be successful.

And for this reason the number of people who make good money through multilevel marketing is extremely small, well under 5% of the number of people who try it.

There have also been numerous instances of multilevel marketing companies which have either gone broke, changed the compensation plan or the products, to the detriment of the distributors. Every distributor is at the mercy of the company, and if anything goes wrong your income is wiped out.

Never consider multilevel marketing as a career. It is not. It is merely a form of secondary income that may work for you but probably won’t, given the figures. And even if it does work the chances that it continues to work long term into the future are very slim.

If you’d like to give it a try then by all means do so, but don’t consider it to be a career. It isn’t.