How Greg Owen Made $5,000 More in 2012 with Silver Quarters

silver quartersThe typical cashier job really doesn’t pay that much compared to many other jobs and careers available to people with college educations with skills and experience; however, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make more than you expected. That’s what Greg Owen of Austin, Texas thought of his teller job at Bank of America. Every day, he handles tens of thousands of dollars in cash depositing into and withdrawing out of customer accounts. Read more »

Ever Considered A Career As A Flight Attendant?

shutterstock_102627620_250x234There are, generally speaking, two kinds of people in society. On the one hand, you have those who pursue financial security, a stable career and a rich home life; on the other, you have those who prefer, in different measures, to forsake these things for a life of adventure and travel. It’s very common to view lifestyle choices through this lens.

What many people don’t realize is that it’s easier to choose a career that combines both of these seemingly different pursuits. Read more »

Should You Go for Plastic Surgery to Boost Your Career?

Though skills and intelligence are essential in order to land a job, it is an advantage if you also look good. In fact, in some jobs, being good looking is not just an advantage, but almost a requirement. Thus, when you are currently seeking for a job, should you resort to plastic surgery just to enhance your chances of landing the job that you want?

Start with Boosting Your Self-Esteem

The idea of undergoing plastic surgery to look better is ultimately a personal decision. However, before you decide to go for surgery to look better, you need to first start by boosting your self-esteem. You need to believe in your capabilities more than anything else. You need to think that you are above everyone else in terms of skills. You will just go for plastic surgery since it could potentially boost your chances. However, at the end of the day, being a perfect fit for the job is what will carry you through.

Making the Right Decision

Whether you are going for facelift, liposuction or rhinoplasty, making a decision will definitely be a difficult one. The first thing that you need to do is to ask yourself if you really need this surgery. Do you have imperfections that needed to be corrected? Does your imperfection affect how you view yourself? If you think that these changes will help you feel good about yourself and be more effective in what you are doing, then do it. However, if you do the procedure because you think that many other job applicants do the same, then don’t do it. You must not feel pressure just because everyone else is doing it. You should also think of the lifelong consequences of your decision. Take time to think about this move since this will most likely affect you for a long time.

Safe Surgical Procedures

Just in case you have decided to go for plastic surgery, you must feel blessed since modern methods have now evolved in order to make the procedure safer. For instance, if you feel like you want to look sexier and in shape, then you can
go for Coolsculpting. This procedure allows your figure to be highlighted. There are also those who have boxy types of bodies. This procedure will eliminate the edges and will highlight the curves. For more information about, coolsculpting in Cedar Rapids, you can go here.

On the other hand, if you wish to look younger, then you can go for lazerlift. This is a modern version of facelift that requires lesser incision. It also has a faster recovery period. When you have stopped working for a long time and you want to come back to the circle, then you need to still look young and competitive. This will give you and edge over younger and less experienced candidates. You can check out the lazerlift in New York through .

Hopefully, you can make the right decision in the end. Again, landing a good job does not necessarily require plastic surgery. However, if you think you will have better chances when undergoing this procedure, then don’t hesitate doing it.

Starting a Home Appliance Business

The household appliance industry is a multi-dollar growing business that will surely stay around for a long time. Everybody needs appliances ranging from TV to electric fans. In fact, reports show that electronics and appliance store sales reached up to $101.17 billion in 2013. Household appliance store sales amounted to $15.48 billion, and the trend is increasing.

So if you’re thinking of a business that will stay in demand for a long time, a home appliance business may be the answer. The following tips will help you start it the right way:

1. Brainstorm. Of course, first you need to plan. Get a sheet of paper and pen and write down your visions for the business. What appliance brand will you sell? Some of the best brands around are Haier Electronics and Whirlpool. Will you sell a variety of appliances fit for any types of consumers or focus on specific types such as high-end ones? You can also consider selling just kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor appliances. Think also if you’ll just sell appliances or offer a repair service as well.

2. Write it out. Once you’ve decided the important stuff, organize it all to make a comprehensive business plan. Your business plan should include details about your products and services, target market, marketing plan, financial section (including assets and liabilities), and projected income and expenses. It should also show your goal for the business for the next 12 months. It should also effectively convey how your business differs from the others, or in other terms, what is your business’ cutting edge?

3. Get funds. With your excellent business plan at hand, approach banks or loan companies to get financial backing for your business. You can also entice investors. You can also check out if your wholesale partners will grant you credit. If your business plan shows the potential of your business and if you can pitch it well, you’ll surely get backers.

4. Acquire permits and location. Now that you’re funded, it’s time to take things to the next level. Apply for permits and licenses required in your city or state. Apply for a sales tax permit and create a business structure. Also start to look for the best location for your store. It should be located in a well-populated and accessible place. It should also be just the right size.

5. Buy your products. Now it’s time to select and approach vendors/wholesalers. Choose the best ones because this is a defining factor for your business’ success. You can check the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers ( for a list of manufacturers. It’s also wise to research about your brands first before buying. Make sure to get the best kinds only. Check out review websites or forums to get an idea of what consumers want. For example, go to Power Washer Report to read on electric pressure washer reviews and find out about the best electric pressure washer in the market (more info here).

6. It’s time to launch! Come up with a striking business name and logo that will get the attention of customers. Plan a grand opening of your business with lots of food, drinks, and discounts for first costumers. Build a good image during this event. You can also send a press release to the local newspaper and radio to announce your new business. Start building partnerships, too, with other industries like home builders and renovators. 

Ways to Reduce Car Insurance Premiums for Students

When you are given the chance to study in a university that is quite far from home and the campus is quite big, you definitely need a car. This will help you move around the university and go home every now and then to meet your family. If you are given the chance to drive your own car but you don’t get support for paying your car insurance, here are some tips on how you can reduce the amount that you pay for car insurance.

1. Enroll in a driving class and complete certain courses. You will then be given a certificate of completion. You should also excel during your driving test to prove that you are a safe driver. When you present this certificate when applying for car insurance, you can surely avail discounts.

2. Prove your worth as a driver. When you start using the car, have a clean record for at least a year. When you don’t have any incident with your car for a long time, you can apply for discounts and you could be given one.

3. When your parents have car insurance, you can attach yours with theirs. Some companies offer this kind of package deal so that students paying for their own insurance premiums won’t find it difficult to pay.

4. Take a driving test offered by the insurance company. Some companies offer this kind of promotion to those who are really interested in getting discounts in premiums. They will provide authorized people to administer the test. Once you have passed the test, you will be given a discount on your car insurance premiums.

5. Prove that you are not a high risk driver. Get medical tests. This includes drug tests and urine tests. This will prove that you don’t smoke, drink or take drugs.

These are just some of the possible options available if you wish to lessen your expenses for car insurance. Just make sure that you choose the right company to partner with. You should also not sacrifice the coverage of the car insurance simply because you want to pay less. A comprehensive insurance policy is still the best option in the end. To read more about comprehensive car insurance, you can go here.

Start a Career Installing Solar Heating and Air Conditioners

Alternative energy is a boom industry at the moment and I believe that it will continue to grow as the world searches for ways to reduce carbon emissions and our reliance on fossil fuels. This is why I have been investigating the alternative energy industry for potential career opportunities. I discovered that solar installers are popping up all over the country and the market is quickly becoming saturated. However, I think I have found an industry that is ready to boom without facing much exposure (yet).

The Booming Solar Industry

In a Solar Energy Industries Association report released in 2012 solar energy had grown over 120% in the United States alone in a single year and many other countries, including Canada, were seeing similar growth. Even with this growth, solar power still only provides less than 1% of all power generated, which means that there is huge scope for growth. This growth is expected to continue over the next decade and some predict that the pace of adoption could grow faster than expected. This, combined with the fact that the technology is developing and improving, means that jobs creation in the solar industry is continuing. However, the market is becoming saturated at this point.

Solar Heating and Cooling

Solar heating and cooling is considered to be the next big thing in solar energy according to many experts. Solar air conditioning, see this resource for more details, is gaining pace in areas with warm climates such as Australia and the Middle East. Solar heating is also popular in areas with sunny winter months and is one of the most cost effective ways of heating a home. Surprisingly, most solar installers only install solar power generating systems and are yet to offer air conditioning or heating solutions. This is a relatively untapped market and one that is relatively easy to get into.

Training, Education and Skills Required

This type of job does require some training and skills, but most of these can be picked up on the job. Job applicants with skills and experience in the construction industry are well received, as are electricians and plumbers. Some general construction course/work experience is all you really need to get started in the industry. By doing this you stand a good chance of landing a job in the industry. Previous experience in the solar industry is an advantage, but is not a necessity. If you want to know more about the skills required you should talk to the local installers in your area.

Finding a Job

This is a relatively small market with just a handful of installers so many people choose to start their own installation business. However, landing a job with an established installer is a good place to start and isn’t overly difficult. It is a good idea to offer your services to your local installer and some people have also had success asking for work experience with the company. Job are also listed in local newspapers and online. The solar community is quite small and positive word of mouth is the best way to advertise your services.

What I’ve Learned While Working in College

Not everyone is blessed with an easy ticket through college. In fact, a lot of people have to take on loans just to be able to finish one course and after taking on that debt, their future isn’t even secure. If you’re one of these students, know that you’re not alone. I’m one of those people that don’t like insecure situations, which is why I found myself a job during college. Here are some of the insights I’ve gained and I think they might help you out too.

Manage your Time

When you’re working and studying simultaneously, you’ll always find yourself at a lack for time. During your first few months, you’ll be tempted to slack off on at least one aspect of your life. If you do feel that way, then you haven’t learned proper time management yet. The first step to take is to get a calendar and then mark down important days. Whether for it’s for a school project or a work deadline, knowing how much time you have left for each will push you to work even harder.

Don’t Sacrifice your Social Life

While it may be tempting to drop all your plans on the weekend in favor of work, it isn’t suggestible. You see, social gatherings are a great way to unwind. Though you should consider sacrificing some of your off days, your friends still matter. If not, working out is a great way to relax, or maybe you should consider dating. What matters is that you never sacrifice your social life too much.

Money shouldn’t be the Goal

Okay, so money may be tight, and times are hard, but remember that money shouldn’t be your goal. The fact here is that if you quantify everything into cost, whatever you make will never be enough. In fact, if you do get a little extra cash, think about the different things you can do with it with it besides impulse buys. First off, you can save your money in a time locked savings account. Or, you can do something a little more philanthropic; why don’t you donate your money to a Non-profit charity organization?

Life after college will mostly be about work, but that shouldn’t stop you from having fun.

How to Look For the Best Bankruptcy Attorney

It is one of the most emotionally-charged and challenging phase an entrepreneur goes through – bankruptcy. Whether it’s a bitter effect of a large scale economic crisis or a result of misjudgments, people undergoing this process are often hyped, tensed, and desperate. Because of desperation, they are also often at a loss of who they should get as a bankruptcy attorney. They often choose the first one with the cheapest rate they come across to, but this is an unfortunate move. The bankruptcy attorney can determine if your business is going to bounce back or slide down the hill.

Here are some tips to help you find the best bankruptcy attorney for you:

1. Look for the professionals. Where to find one? Check the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. Members of this association are extensively experienced in the field of bankruptcy. When you’ve chosen one in your state, verify if they are registered by visiting your state bar’s website. Lawyers with certification have been practicing law for a long time, have been handling a lot of bankruptcy cases, peer reviewed, and passers of a special written examination.

2. Visit their websites. Once verified that the firm or lawyer is registered, find out more information about them on their website. You should see complete educational background, professional experience and expertise, and downloadable forms that can help you assess your financial situation. For example, this website of a bankruptcy attorney in Auburn, Alabama shows complete information on the firm and lawyers.

3. Gauge comfortability. Meet with more than one lawyer or firm not to compare prices but to assess how comfortable you are with them. This is very important since this will be your partner in this crucial and trying time.

4. They should offer other alternatives. You’ll know you’re in good hands if he/she offers other alternative routes such as paying off debt, debt management plans, and a court-supervised payment agreement.

5. Avoid the mill. There are a lot of firms that have a few lawyers and a lot of legal assistants. You’ll meet the lawyers at the creditor’s meeting itself, which is unfavorable to you as the client. Look for more personal lawyers that will actually take time to listen to you and study your case. 

Career As a Vascular Surgeon

Vascular surgery is one of the most specialized and in demand medical professions nowadays due to an increase in the number of vascular diseases. Until recently, vascular surgery has been classified as a specialization under general surgeries. In 2012, it has successfully been classified as separate specialization of surgeries by the Vascular Society of Great Britain and Ireland. The following year, the first team of trainees were recruited and thus begun the first course of the six-year subspecialty training program in vascular surgery. Those who complete this program will get a certificate of completion of training (CCT), an authoritative professional certificate.

The Training Program

The current twenty program trainees were rigorously selected in the general surgery selection process. The selection is competitive so only the best surgeons around will have the chance to prove themselves. The trainees will learn more skills on open and endovascular surgeries, as well as endovenous surgery. They will also learn about imaging skills. They will also spend one year training on gastrointestinal surgeries. During the program, they will also have the chance to choose a special interest such as venous diseases or aortic aneurismal disease.

What Vascular Surgeons Do

Vascular surgeons diagnose and treat all sorts of conditions concerning blood circulation, veins, arteries, and lymphatic. It has three subspecialties namely the arterial, venous, and lymphatic surgery. Most of the cases involve atherosclerotic arterial disease treatments such as aortic aneurysms, carotid procedures, and limb arterial surgeries.

Vascular surgeons also treat varicose veins, spider veins, and such. In fact, this is one of the most common procedures done by these surgeons. The growing number of diabetic people is a major factor for this. There are a lot of vein clinics in America, such as the Vein and Laser Center that provides varicose vein treatment in Torrance. There is an increasing demand for non-invasive surgeries which causes vein clinics to offer more laser surgeries. One example is this clinic that offers laser varicose vein treatment in Pittsburgh.

Working Life

Vascular surgeons work with other medical professionals. They work closely with vascular anesthesia experts, interventional radiologists, and vascular nurse specialists. In many cases, diabetes experts examine patients with vascular disease to determine the problem with their blood vessels. Cardiologists also prepare patients with heart problems before vascular surgeries.

Vascular surgeons see considerably lower number of patients a day, with an average of 20 patients in a half day clinic. They also normally perform two complex arterial or venous operations in a day.

Challenges of a Vascular Surgeon

If you are a person who enjoys facing up to challenges, then vascular surgery can be a career for you. This career path, like other medical branches, requires dedication, hard work, tenacity, and extreme brain power. It also involves complex emotional issues. One of the hardest parts for most vascular surgeons is seeing their patients experiencing adverse effects such as stroke that are direct results of the operations they recommended or performed. Emotional struggles are obviously a part of all medical professions, so if you plan to pursue this career, you have to be prepared and willing to face these kinds of problems. 

Starting Over from A Bad Decision

There are a lot of stories about people who turned from rags to riches. Truly, these stories give encouragement to those who feel like the world has been unfair to them. However, we should also be inspired of the people who came from riches, to rags. Some might say that these types of people should not be admired because they were not careful enough to protect the riches they have. Instead, they wasted what many people struggle to achieve. So what is so inspiring about these people?

Inspiration is not only about seeimg a success story. It is also about learning from the misfortune of others, not to mock them, but in order to prevent that same misfortune from coming back.

It’s like failing to choose the best roof material. when you start with a weak material, sooner or later it will decay. At first it will only give you minor problems like dripping water and inability to ward off heat. However, if you still don’t do something about it, it will collapse. You’d be lucky enough if you were out of the house by the time that happens.

This exact scenario actually happened to a friend of mine from Toronto. What did he do to move past it? He learned from his mistakes. Firstly, he learned not to take safety for granted by settling for low quality roof materials. For this, he did what he should have done before, hire experts to do his roofing system. Hence, he availed the best service of roofing Toronto expert, Roofing Master. All the problems in quality was greatly provided by the expert company. They gave high quality roofers and provide high quality materials which resulted in high quality products.

With this simple analogy, it becomes clear that to succeed, starting on the right track is the best way to go. It is always better to go big now and go for quality, than trying your luck with mediocrity. If you do, you end up cleaning your mess and losing time, money and opportunity.

In addition to learning from the mistakes of others and not making that same mistake for yourself, you should also take each huge step with careful planning and consideration of your goals. If you aim to succeed, will your actions get you there, or will it only ‘possibly’ get you there? In order to determine this, you have to plan ahead. Don’t make rash decisions because before you know it, those unplanned decisions will bite you and hinder your path to success. It’s like planning for your roof, as well. Do you want the traditional one or a modern one? In deciding, plan ahead how you want the entire house to look. You can’t say I want a traditional roof but you end up making a squarish house that would have gone better with a flat roof. Bad and unplanned decision, right there. If you have difficulty planning, then again, consult the experts. Like if you want a flat roof repair, go to and ask for the best help in roof repair. Don’t irrationally climb up your roof and unknowingly try to fix it yourself. You will end up making it worse.

A lot would say that they know what this talk is all about and there is nothing new in this. However, knowing and understanding are two different things. And if you really have understood, ask yourself if you are where you want yourself to be. If you are, then well and good, congratulations. If your not, understand life some more. You’ll get there, eventually.

I can See Clearly Now

Getting work isn’t always easy. Many jobs have certain requirements and if you can’t meet them, you may as well not bother applying. Good eyesight is a prerequisite of a number of professions and some won’t even allow you to wear glasses – the following professions require excellent eyesight:

  • Airline Pilot

Pilots must have 20/20 vision. At the end of the day, you will be responsible of the lives of potentially thousands of people. Wearing glasses is not allowed – they can break or get lost – and strict eyesight tests are carried out when you apply.

  • Designer

In particular a fashion or interior designer. If you have any degree of color blindness, forget it. You need excellent eyesight because you will be working with different colors, patterns, textures, and need to be able to see what works and what doesn’t.

  • Fire Fighter

Fire fighters need excellent eyesight to be able to see clearly through smoke, water, heat haze and ashy dirty situations.  Wearing glasses isn’t an option – they will get in the way and can compromise the safety of you and the people around you.

  • Navy

The Navy requires an applicant t have perfect vision for almost every job except for desk jobs.

And any other profession that requires close meticulous work needs top-notch eyesight.  Glasses may suffice but will get in the way for the closest work and are not always suitable for dim light or for spending hours concentrating on minute tasks.

  • Astronaut

Okay, so this may be a pipe dream for many and very few of us will ever make it into outer space anyway. If you do have the necessary requirements though and an opportunity arises, if your eyesight is not perfect, it won’t happen. This is because zero gravity has a serious effect on spectacles due to the differing pressures.

If you think you might have the chance to do one of these jobs or others that are similar, the first thing to do is get your eyes tested. The Cedar Park Eye Care Clinic offers excellent service including laser eye surgery if required.

Switching to Electronic Cigarettes Will Save You Money

When you want to save money, you usually start big: ‘I won’t buy that car’ or ‘we’ll sell the house’. Yet, all the good savings are down the bottom: what you eat, where you shop; luxuries like TV packages and who mows your lawn. Smoking is an expensive addiction. Cutting it out now will save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

I mean the cost of smoking 20 a day at $6 dollars for 10 years is around $20, 000. That number is just the low ball, the calculation doesn’t include tax hikes, inflation and greater company costs. I got it from this calculator, but I only calculated for one person. Imagine the costs if you smoke, your daughter or son smoke and your spouse smokes. The costs would be astronomical! So, there are some serious savings to be had.
You can plough the savings into your kids’ college education, a bad insurance day, refurbishing the house or a new car. It just doesn’t make sense to continue smoking.

We all know it’s not as easy as: present the facts and the behavior will change – parenting and climate change would be much easier if they were. To quit smoking is the same problem.

If you’re struggling to quit smoking you can switch to E-cigarettes. These are far cheaper than regular cigarettes and most electronic cigarettes are rechargeable and re-fillable. So, you can use the same product over and over again. They also have a variety of flavors (who said giving up couldn’t be fun).

Websites like provide you with the necessary information to make the switch to e-cigs without all the added leg-work of researching the product – they do that for you. There are a lot of brands out there with many different features such as battery life, e-liquid capacity, flavor selection and colors. Checking out websites like this will really help make that decision.

If I haven’t convinced you yet, think of it like this: eating healthy will reduce the chance of a doctor’s appointment later in life for diabetes or the need for medical attention to treat a stroke. Smoking is just like this- it leads to heart attacks, cancer, poor circulation, repertory diseases and other terrible things. Apart from being just good to be healthy- being healthy is also cheaper. Think of it as a future investment, don’t smoke cigarettes now and reap the rewards in the future!

You want to pass on good practice as well, children who see their parents smoking are twice as likely to start smoking themselves. You don’t want to inflict that upon your children as your only heritage!
Making the switch saved me financially, because it meant every month I had at least another $80. I also couldn’t bear to allow my kids to see me smoke cigarettes – yes, I still hide the e-cig from them. Saving money and looking after my children have been my top priorities ever since their conception. So, if you think this will save your life and your money but you can’t cut out the cigarettes altogether, check out all the different electronic cigarette brands and make a decision today.

Pursuing a Career as a Financial Advisor

The playing field of businesses is now entirely different thanks to the Internet. Changes in trends and practices mean a change in financial management. Businesses are forced to create financial plans that are geared towards maximizing Internet as an asset. Recent global economic crisis also warns entrepreneurs of carefully planning out financial decisions. Competitive financial advisors are becoming more in demand than ever.

Financial advisors give recommendations to clients on the best ways to spend and invest their money. They may be general practitioners who advise on all sorts of financial matters like home loans, business loans, savings plans, and insurance.

So what are the steps to become a financial advisor?

1. Get a degree. All financial advisors should have a bachelor’s degree. This can be any degree, but you’ll have a leg up if you’ll take courses related to business administration or accountancy.

2. Get working experience. You can seek internships or entry-level jobs that will give you information on the ins and outs of the job. Experience can also tell you if financial advising is really for you. It can also give you ideas on various career paths that financial advisors can take. You can start with a small start-up business to be exposed to financial deals involved with business. Or you can work in a bank to get a background on handling financial affairs of various types of clients.

3. Get certified. High-paying clients seek advisors who are professional and qualified. One of the highest regarded certification for financial advisors is the Certificate in Financial Planning (CFP). To get this certificate, you need a bachelor’s degree and at least three years of work experience. You have to take preparatory courses at an accredited university. You then need to pass a two-day exam that assesses your technical knowledge.

4. Build your client portfolio. High-profile clients won’t find you; you have to find them. You can build your track record by working for smaller clients at first and providing excellent service to them. Your career will grow mostly through referrals, so you have to be excellent and effective in all projects. Slowly but surely climb your way up by working hard and persevering. 

Embarking on the Adventure of a Lifetime

Do one thing everyday that scares you. If you believe in this saying then you wouldn’t be living life inside a cubicle for more than eight hours a day. But yes, it is truly difficult to strike a balance between making a life and earning a living, especially if you’re struggling to keep your head above water. I wanted a life much different from what I grew up with, so I made sure that I counted my pennies and had more savings in the bank at a young age.

I didn’t want to work on just a retirement fund, I wanted a trust fund for my children and a nice extra large nest egg to start my own business in a few years. I wanted a secure future and I wanted to be financially stable, and that meant working very long hours and even weekends.
There’s such a thing as career burn out, and I think this was what I was going through. Fortunately, my wife was there to catch me before I went over the edge. She said I needed a break from what I was doing in order to recharge my batteries.

So I agreed. It took a lot of convincing before I shelled out money to pay for our adventure world package, but while we were enjoying our trip, I realized it was all worth it. We went on a beautiful island adventure and I must admit that the change of scenery was exactly what I needed. We went snorkeling, diving, island hopping and even parasailing and sky diving! It was a far cry from our super-budgeted honeymoon when we got married years ago. Now that there’s a little more money to spend, we were able to indulge on good wine with our dinner and I gifted my wife with beautiful South Sea pearls.

I saw tears of joy in her eyes when I handed her the pearls and I too came close to shedding tears. There are some things that are worth spending for in life, and moments like this is certainly one of them.